Growing by 2000 signatures per minute at one point on Sunday, the petition to withdraw the usual invitation to Trump for a State visit looks set to beat the petition for a second referendum on Brexit.

This mass repudiation of the racist demonization of Muslims along with the mysogeny, the support of Israeli settlements in Palestinian Territories, the anti working class policies… the list goes on, was backed up this evening by mass demonstrations on the streets of Britain.

From Edinburgh to Cardiff, Sheffield to London, while MPs, many of whom it has to be said voted to bomb the very people they claimed now to be defending, debated dropping the trappings of a State Visit from the inevitable business trip that Trump will make, thousands braved the cold and wet to show their opposition to any visit by the US President.

Interestingly not only has Trump been discovered to be the son of an illegal immigrant from Scotland, but Bomber Benn the class collaborator in the vote to Bomb Syria reminded us of his mother’s US roots.

The message from the streets, whatever that from the MPs and from Downing Street is clear:

Keep Trump Out!