The protests both online and across the country against Trump reveal the polarisation of society. The need for leadership and direction is not being met by the Labour Party – despite the left wing leadership the absence of an organised mass of support is threatening the best hope that Jeremy Corbyn represents for a left wing labour government for 70 years.
The crucial role of Momentum is two pronged – to attract and organise the people looking for an alternative to austerity, war, and the descent of society to barbarism; and to wrest control of the Labour Party machine from those who only want it as an electoral vehicle to maintain the lifestyles of the PLP and ruling cliques of councillors.
Our constitution states that we in the Labour Party have a purpose to maintain a political party of labour in Parliament AND in the country.
Equal emphasis.
There is an army out there who are prepared to not only support a petition against Trump – 1.8m in 4 days, but also to come on to the streets in their thousands at a day’s notice to demonstrate. Regrettably the call to protest was issued neither by the Labour Party nor Momentum. Maintain a Party in the country means marshalling these hundreds of thousands of people – not for a database of potential voters but for people to get active in their local party to demand that they a) get behind Corbyn and MacDonald and the 10 point programme and b) lead local and national demonstrations of defiance in the face of the rule of austerity and despair to demand the change to a society based on redistributed wealth and hope.
A society based on socialism.
Momentum has the ability to lead that change in the Labour Party and in Society BUT it must also be a model of what we want the Labour Party to be in terms of leadership and how we want it to function democratically.
Support me for the NCG and support this vision.