Further to the article against the coup published recently, we now have a situation where there are four identifiable Lansman candidates with identical Facebook pages in all three regions. In our region branch organisers are promoting that slate using the momentum database to which none of the other candidates have access. This promotion followed a branch decision to support one of the candidates (a member of that branch) without other candidates able to even submit statements to the branch meeting. The promotion has included a passage in the newsletter circulated to members across the West Midlands at least.

This is a further stage of Lansman’s megalomania. Not content with ensuring that members representatives are in a minority, he is trying to ensure that those that are elected are unlikely to be critical or represent the thousands who must be unhappy with recent actions of the Lansman clique.

Finally my branch, due the AGM in less than two weeks, has had that suspended by the secretary and chair under the cover of ‘ongoing investigations’. These investigations may, as I have not been informed, be into the assault on me by the partner of the secretary who also herself faced a vote of no confidence at the next meeting.

Coincidence?….Probably not.

I would be interested to hear of any similar bureaucratic machinations to stifle opposition.

I would also point out the requirement to affiliate to labour of being ‘democratic’ an irony expanded upon in yesterday’s post, Lansman, the Emperor, has no clothes.

If I get elected I will champion democracy, openness and accountability, and support any attempt to amend the constitution in a democratic direction.

After much deliberation I have chosen to vote for Jae Robinson, Sue Marshall, Rida Vaquas and myself. With apologies to Chris York. I shall explain these choices in a future post.