The indecent haste with which Jon Lansman issued his ‘fig leaf’ of a constitution and the voting system for the NCG is no doubt responsible for the ridiculous anomalies thrown up.

The four reps from each region are elected as follows:

The top two women get elected.

If neither of them self declares as BAME then the next post goes to the highest polling self declaring BAME candidate.

This leaves the remaining one or two posts for open competition.

If as a result there are no representatives elected who are either disabled or LGBT+ or at least two under 30 then there will be a national second round for up to 4 candidates to fill the gaps.

There are, according to the last census 6 years ago, 13% of the population who are ‘non white’.

There are 16% of the working age population and 45% of the over working age who are disabled. A reasonable overall proportion is 19%.

The LGBT+ proportion is quoted at 1-10%, and even the LGBT foundation doesn’t have an answer.

So BAME are guaranteed at least 18.75% of the elected representatives (if all four of the top up seats are used and filled with non BAME reps), whereas disabled are guaranteed only 6.25% despite making up more of the population and being less visible in representative politics. LGBT+ are also only guaranteed 6.25%.

Why therefore reserve a seat for each region in the primary election for BAME in the  first round? Or perhaps, why not reserve a seat for disabled as well in the first round? The answer is that Lansman wants to preserve the minority of directly elected reps despite playing lip-service to OMOV grassroots direct democracy. 5 Reps plus top up seats would possibly lead to a majority for directly elected reps on the NCG – not in the grand scheme of things.

A clever guy called Al Gonzales came up with an interesting plan, he originally wanted all disabled, LGBT+ and young candidates to withdraw from the election (now amended to resign if elected to force by-elections) in order to ensure the top up seats are used and so increase the proportion of the directly elected reps on the NCG. However, the establishment slate, promoted by Lansman, has sufficient young, disabled and LGBT+ to scupper that plan even if everyone else in those categories was going to be so altruistic.

There are those who have questioned my choice of candidates: well obviously I voted for myself, and as a white male voting for any other white males, although there were a couple openly against the coup, would be political suicide (sorry Chris) I then voted for Rida Vaquez, a clearly anti-coup candidate, and Jae Robinson, an active campaigner whom I know personally and who is strongly against the coup and the removal of the democratic structures. Finally I voted for Sue Marshall, who asked for mutual support early on, and while pro-OMOV was anti imposition, and who had a good statement otherwise.