We will ensure that the human rights of all citizens are respected and all are protected from discrimination and prejudice. We will take action to tackle violence against women and girls, racism and discrimination on the basis of faith, and secure real equality for LGBT and disabled people. We will defend the Human Rights Act and we will guarantee full rights for EU citizens living and working in Britain – and not allow them to be used as pawns in Brexit negotiations.

The 1000’s of people demonstrating their defiance of Theresa May’s fawning, ingratiating toadying to Donald Trump, by demanding no state visit, showed that despite the right wing agenda trumpeted by Trump, Farage, UKIP and their fellow travellers in the Leadership and elsewhere of the Tory Party, the working class retain their sense of solidarity with the desperate and downtrodden and will have no truck with the politics of hate used by the bosses to divide and rule. The Speaker of the House of Commons was congratulated by Corbyn ally, veteran Socialist Dennis Skinner, for echoing the call from the street, making it clear that no invitation will be issued by him to Trump to address parliament:

We need to follow up on the thousands of workers, young and old, black and white who joined the demonstrations, but also on the many confused by the politics of division that got the right response in Stoke on Trent recently:


We need to show the working class that they have more in common with the refugees of Syria and the Yemen, but also with the French, German and workers around the world than they do with people like Theresa May, Michael Farage and Donald Trump, and how the struggle for a better society unites us all, black and white, people of all faiths and none.

Momentum needs to encourage and if necessary hold meetings around local issues where they exist, and countering the lies spread by the proponents of division. This should be done jointly with the Labour Party where possible but alone if the local party is unwilling to take part. We should stand against pandering to the arguments of UKIP and demand and organise for the replacement of Labour MPs and Councillors who allow racist arguments to be used for political gain and are prepared to put artificial divisions of nation state in the way of the fight for a socialist society.

To this end Momentum should

  • publish material which can be used to support public meetings
  • maintain a list of speakers to include people like Jackie Walker
  • campaign for reselection of all MPs and PPCs
  • encourage and support activists who support this pledge to replace as representatives those who do not.