We will put conflict resolution and human rights at the heart of foreign policy, commit to working through the United Nations, end support for aggressive wars of intervention and back effective action to alleviate the refugee crisis. British foreign policy has long failed to be either truly independent or internationally co-operative, making the country less safe and reducing our diplomatic and moral authority. We will build human rights and social justice into trade policy, honour our international treaty obligations on nuclear disarmament and encourage others to do the same

So the day after the Brexit Bill got its third reading as Jeremy saw 52 of his MPs defy the three line whip to back Brexit, we have a responsibility to push the wider foreign policy agenda: the maverick, racist President of the US, elected with a minority of the vote and already wreaking havoc at home and abroad; the expansionist, apartheid, criminal state of Israel, trying to interfere with our political process here in the UK; a Russian President who sees himself as a latter day Czar – a small subset of increasingly bizarre yet dangerous players on the world stage who day after day threaten and undermine peace and human rights.

We must oppose foreign wars armed or even fought by us; arms sales to countries whose rulers are more and more open in the war fought against their own working class let alone the working class of neighbouring countries.

The tragedy of refugees, waves of them at the mercy of the waves of the Mediterranean or the South China Sea, is however a mere drop in the ocean when measured against the deaths and misery of the survivors left among the bombed out streets of Aleppo or the starving of sub-saharan Africa; deaths and misery largely working class – sacrificed for greed by international capital and the arms traders.

Our job as socialists is always to point out not only the humanitarian tragedy but also the class based truth – we have more in common with the victims than the perpetrators. We must stand against the misery and death that is the feature of this rotten system.