The deal negotiated earlier this month by ASLEF at talks which did not include the RMT and which would have led to some trains being operated without guards ‘under some circumstances’ represented the thin end of the wedge. 

However the deal was dressed up by ASLEF General Secretary Whelan it would have granted Southern Rail a precedent and was a betrayal of the RMT who were not involved in the talks hosted by the TUC. 

Furthermore any train operating without a guard is potentially less safe than one with, especially for someone with mobility problems, and this putting pounds before safety should rightly be shown the boot.

Whelan should resign and his members link with their brothers and sisters in the RMT and show the operators a united front against profiteering at the cost of jobs and safety.

Hopefully Jeremy Corbyn, John MacDonnell and 1000s of Momentum members will join them on the picket lines.