Andrew Thompson 4 NCG

Elect me to NCG! Restore Momentum democracy!

Momentum NCG Nomination Statement

Statement: Comrades!

Recently disabled (stroke last year). Committed to working class socialist principles, genuine democracy and the rights of disabled people to be able to function equally in society especially in the struggle for a socialist transformation of society.

Jeremy’s leadership must be defended and strengthened against the right wing carpet baggers who have found themselves in the wrong party.

Momentum needs, from a democratic structure itself, to be an example of good practice. That means discussing matters before voting; preferably at meetings but remote access for people with disabilities must be adopted.

The ability to share ideas, be influenced to change ones mind, to have ideas influenced by input from across the country, is what underpins delegate democracy. A national conference of branch delegates will achieve that and must be able to make policy decisions as the sovereign body of the organisation, not the NCG.

•Experienced in Labour Movement since 1984
•Proven seasoned campaigner.
•Previous successful ward campaign manager in local election.
•CLP Exec, delegated from Unite.
•Founder member and Chair of Unite branch.
•Chair of Unite regional industrial sector committee
•Member of Unite regional committee
•Member of Unite national industrial sector committee
•GP, Coroner, worked in addictions and homeless